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About Me

I’ve always had a heart for helping others. I have found no greater joy in life than that of being a part of another person’s emotional and spiritual healing, and I bring that passion to my work as a marriage and family therapist. I am a Christian man and do my best to present Christ-like love and compassion in therapy. I provide therapy to people of all races, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, and beliefs. A great source of my strength comes from Philippians 2:1-11. 

Life can take many a difficult turn. A sudden tragedy, abrupt life change, or physical loss can leave us not knowing how to handle the emotional distress. Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to cope in a relationship that once was beautiful. Young families with developing children can begin experiencing great conflict for no apparent reason. The anxiety and depression we feel because of past neglect, abuse, or trauma can become overwhelming even years after the fact, but... 


There is healing. There is hope. There is a great life ahead for you and your loved ones and therapy may be the first step to a change in perspective and a bright tomorrow where you find ways to positively cope and begin to thrive. I offer a client-based experience centered around your strengths and goals in a safe space where you can explore the source of your struggles and receive caring and understanding. We won’t treat your symptoms, but rather take a wholistic look into everything that makes you the wonderful, unique individual that you are, and to work to create a stronger, better, and more peaceful you. 


It would be an honor to serve you and I look forward to helping you on the road to healing. 

Education & Experience: I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) in Washington State. 


I received my Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Whitworth University, a COAMFTE accredited program. My practical experience includes work with couples, adult and adolescent individuals and families at the Whitworth Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic and an internship working with children in the Spokane Public Schools Mental Healthcare System. I have treated clients suffering the effects of anxiety, depression, marital/relational and family discord, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, PTSD, loss trauma, behavioral disorders, grief, and autism.


Individual / Couple / Family Therapy addressing the following issues:

- Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Sexual)

- Anxiety

- Attachment 

- Behavioral Disorders 

- Coping Skills

- Depression

- Disability and Impairment

- Divorce

- Grief

- Marital and Premarital

- Personality Disorders 


- Relational Discord

- Self-esteem

- Sexual Dysfunction

- Suicidal Ideation

- Trauma (Physical, Emotional, Sexual)